What we want?

We wish to create a worldwide community that lives and shares unique travel experiences.

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What we see?

A place where you can describe, share and make your journeys available to others

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What we feel?

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Imagine yourself on a dusty road, the backpack on your shoulder, a few coins in the pocket.

Travelling, nothing else. Leaving, you have discovered something more about yourself and about others.

Coming back, you have brought along stories, pieces of lives, black and white pictures to color in.

Every time you have left, you left behind a part of you and your life.
Small stones to remind you the way, the tracks of your travels.

A small pin on your globe, a starting point.

Share your travel experiences

How it works?

SameSame Travels

is the continuation of a journey

It is born from the will of three ordinary guys, young dreaming travellers, who, back from their long trips, have started to talk about those experiences, sharing them with others. After listening to those stories, others have then left, and once back have begun to share experience themselves.

As long as we realize that these experiences - ours, theirs, yours - are as unique as the persone who has lived them, we need a bigger place where we can meet freely, to compare, to relive.

SameSame Travels

is that place where, with easy tools, you can describe, share and make your journeys available to the community and others can do the same

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How it works?

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    your next destination or get inspired

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    discover and share the travelers' experiences

  3. Contact

    directly the travelers and get unique information and advices on destinations of interest

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    your trip

  5. Create

    your own personal travel guide

  6. Share

    your experience

  7. Advise

    others to help them plan their own trips

  8. Start

    another trip

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